Comprehensive Shredding

Over the last 15 years Paper Cut's has refined the one of most secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions for ensuring the proper disposal of confidential documents. The Paper Cut's process begins with our attentive staff working with you to develop a tailored document shredding program that seamlessly fits your organization. For daily paper flow, our top-of-the-line security consoles are strategically placed throughout your facility at no charge for convenient ongoing maintenance.



Advanced Document Security



24/7 Monitoring


At Paper Cuts, our secured storage facilities are monitored continuously, manned and protected around the clock 24-hours a day, 7-days a week by fully trained security personnel, 24-hour video surveillance, secure keypad entry systems and motion detectors.


Security Awareness


Paper Cuts is proud and honored to service our clients and our unique Security Shield (above) is our way of letting their clients know that the company or institution is using our document shredding services. From medical facilities to law offices and financial firms, if you see our Security Shields you can be confident that your sensitive information is handled with care and securely destroyed.


Safeguarding Privacy


Paper Cuts is committed to safeguarding our client's privacy and security with every shredding job we complete for them. Proper destruction of confidential information requires the end-of-service procedure of providing a Certificate of Destruction to the client proving that in fact shredding of specific documents took place at a certain date and time.


Secured Storage Containers


In conjunction with regularly scheduled service arrangements, we install our high-quality security containers at no charge within your facility. These are strategically placed throughout your office for easy and convenient use by all employees. There is no need to separate out paperclips, staples, metal clips, or bound materials. Simply place the materials in the container and leave the shredding to us. The process is entirely hassle-free. Our security containers have a higher volume capacity than most in the industry, saving you money by allowing for more materials to be shred during each of our service calls.


Reducing Risks


You can rest assured that your confidential documents are handled with the utmost care being shredded on-site by our bonded and background checked Client Service Consultant, significantly reducing the risk of a breach which can result in reducing the risk of your identity theft.


Cross-Cuts Security Shield


If you have seen or clicked on our Paper Cut's Cross-Cuts Security Shield icon (at left) from a previous website you visited, it confirms for you that the company or institution uses Paper Cut's Security Procedures to destroy and shred their confidential documents.

If you're a Paper Cut's client and would like to request your own Cross-Cuts Security Shield on your website, please contact us at Security Shield for further assistance.


Federal Regulations


State and Federal privacy laws require majority of our clients, in all types of industries, to have a certificate of destruction once the shredding of their documents is complete. Whether you're a law firm, medical facility, financial organization, educational institution, residential location, or any type of small/medium business, having a certificate of destruction ensures the final step in the shredding process for full compliancy with privacy laws like HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA and GLBA.

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