Digital Storage Benefits

For businesses that need immediate access to large volumes of stored documents, electronic storage may provide the most effective and efficient solution. Paper Cuts can scan and store your documents on our secure, off-site servers. You access your documents from your desk top over the internet in real time. Protect your confidential documents from theft, unauthorized access, and loss in the event of fire or natural disaster.



Digital Archiving Benefits



24/7 Access


With Paper Cuts, you'll have quick and easy access 24/7 to all your stored documents after they have been converted to digital format. Electronic documents can be retrieved more quickly and easily than paper documents. All you need is access to a computer a CD or just access to the internet. If you need immediate access to large volumes of documents, digital volume storage may be the most efficient method for staying on top of your business.


Go Digital!


Paper Cuts can help you save time, space, money, and hassle by helping you create a Paperless Office. From simple and affordable scanning to sophisticated optical character recognition, we can help you by converting your paper to electronic images stored in a digital format. You may store your electronic files on CDs, your computer servers, or on our servers. When you need a file, you simply insert a CD, retrieve the file from your computer, or download it over the internet. We'll help you develop the ability to "go digital" for the future.

Paper Cut’s Scanning Process


At Paper Cuts, we provide comprehensive solutions for all of your record collection and data archival needs. Our integrated digital conversion and image scanning process is full-service and includes the following logistical steps as needed:

  • Box Collection/Packaging
  • Document Prep
  • Document Scanning
  • Image Cleanup
  • Indexation/OCR
  • Quality Control
  • Finalization
  • Delivery Method

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Cost Savings


Paper Cuts always makes sure you choose the right digital solution for your business. Electronic document conversion can be a more economical alternative to hard copy storage when documents are retained for an average of more than 7 years. Simply call us for a free cost comparison and consultation, and we'll help you decide when and if digital conversion may make sense for you.


Industries Converting


Your competition is probably going digital, so don't be left behind! Large and small businesses in key industries everywhere are benefitting from electronic document conversion and digital storage including:

  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Lending
  • Financial
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profits


Use SCaN N' SHReD!

Paper Cut’s revolutionizes the scanning industry with our unique all-inclusive SCaN N’ SHReD program which offers you an affordable option for you to access your documents as digital records. With three simple and affordable scanning packages, there are no unnecessary options or tricky pricing matrixes. As an added convenience, any shredding and storage services you need to complete your job are included at no extra cost.

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