Safeguarding Home-Office Documents


With corporate staff traveling more often, keeping flexible hours, and working from home, private documents are increasingly likely to leave the office, putting organizations at higher risk of confidentiality breaches. Privacy legislation establishes procedures for safeguarding confidential information in and out of the office.



Preventing Identity Theft



Home-Office Security


With personal identity theft and corporate espionage emerging as two of America’s fastest growing crimes, homeowners and home-offices are turning to professional residential shredding services to safeguard their valuable personal information. Disposing of your personal documents in your trashcan or street dumpster leaves it susceptible to prying eyes and wandering hands. Utilizing a Paper Cut's Home Office Security Box to store your items to be shredded is a first step toward reducing dangerous data theft risks. These containers provide your home or office with one convenient, central, and secure space to collect and keep confidential papers until Paper Cuts arrives for disposal and shredding.


Security Containers


Paper Cut's Residential Security Containers are central to any personal or home-office shredding program. These secure boxes act as a convenient central repository labeled with useful information about shredding residential and home office materials. By having a single designated location to collect and keep confidential papers ready for disposal, individuals immediately start to maintain a system for ensuring their security. These security boxes are available at Paper Cut's main facility.


Quality Comparison


Overall, personal do-it-yourself home office shredders can be very expensive, and don't offer the reliability and security comared with professional or commercial shredding options. In addition, home office shredding compromises the physical quality of the shredding and data security of your records. It also wastes valuable time do on a routine basis and requires the extra step of having your shredded materials then recycled. Personal shredders also use an un-secure method of strip-shredding compared to industrial cross-shredding that Paper Cut's uses which guarantees confidentiality due to its complete shredding strip destruction and recycling processes.


Preparation Tips


Once you have collected your unwanted confidential information in or file boxes, Paper Cut's provides several alternatives for having your residential documents securely shred:

  • Have your confidential documents shredded OnSite on their premises
  • Use our office drop-off service at our Paper Cut's facility

Although our OnSite residential shredding service is available for jobs of all sizes, a minimum charge per visit will apply and we recommend customers have enough volume to make each shred as cost-effective as possible.


Use SHReD @ Home !


To assist organizations in meeting cost-cutting and legislative requirements, Paper Cut's has developed our convenient SHReD @ Home service! This simple home shredding service is perfect for securely destroying personal and home-business records on a routine basis. We also offer integrated shredding programs with the necessary tools for securely handling confidential information outside the office. Paper Cuts can also assist you with the education of staff regarding how to best maintain confidentiality because we offer the most comprehensive home office shredding program available.

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Paper Cut’s environmentally friendly home document shredding and recycling system gives home-based businesses a convenient and cost-effective solution for disposing of confidential paper. Home offices can use Paper Cut's on-site document destruction pick-up service, drop off materials at their local Paper Cut's office, or take part in our ongoing community shredding programs designed for helping protect residential customers against identity theft.