Best Offsite Document Shredding in So Cal

Confidentiality Guaranteed


At Paper Cuts, our Off-site Destruction and File Retrieval Services are GUARANTEED secure and confidential. Our professionally-trained drivers use secured transport trucks to conveniently transfer your documents and other materials to our state-of-the-art facility. Using our trained professionals will help reduce the risk of fraud, security breaches, and identity theft for all your sensitive data and confidential documents.



Comprehensive Document Security



Secured Facilities

Paper Cuts operates secured Facilities with 24/7 Monitored surveillance systems:

  • Zoned/monitored fire suppression
  • Locked document collection consoles
  • Certificates of Destruction are provided as detailed receipts for all shredding services performed
  • 24/7 around-the-clock access to all stored documents

We can offer you assurance of the highest level security that your critical documents will be handled, processed or shredded under strict confidentiality:

  • All our personnel are experienced, certified, and bonded
  • We mandate employee background checks and confidentiality agreements
  • State-of-the-Art document tracking system and server storage


Drop-Off Solutions

While Paper Cuts specializes in shredding documents for businesses and government organizations, we also have clients that prefer to drop-off small quantities at our secure access facility for shredding later the same day. Because our comprehensive operations are integrated together in our facilities, we can offer greater flexibility to accommodate any amount of either shredding or storage of your confidential materials, private data, or sensitive information. We also offer a residential shredding option for home based business clients which provides you with one or more custom secure lockable containers for your home that can be picked up and shredded according to your needs.


Advanced Technology

Our shredding and storage facilities offer high-level security for all processes, ensuing safe destruction of documents using premium, industrial-grade pulverizing shredders. Our records management operations feature secured filing systems and 100% confidentiality guaranteed for all data archived storage and we provide rolling containers and consoles if needed. We can securely transfer your documents and other materials, whether stapled, clipped, or bound, to our state-of-the-art facility where we safely destroy them using premium, industrial-grade pulverizing shredders, as well as rolling containers and consoles as needed.


Using Professionals

When offices try to handle document shredding themselves internally that is usually where many risks and problems occur. Trying to shred data in-house can create additional worries for you and utilizes your valuable employee time and resources, stealing focus away from your core business activities. Also, there is no independent authority that can certify that sensitive information has been professionally destroyed. Most administrative staff have not been trained on how to handle sensitive or confidential information creating higher potential for employee error or breaches of confidentiality. Typical office shredders have limited capacity, require more maintenance, create a paper mess, and add the extra step of putting the shredded material in the trash or recycling stream. The best solution is to call the professionals at Paper Cuts to handle all your document security needs 24-7!