Paper Cuts Paper Shredding Processes

Convenient Shredding Options

Paper Cuts offers the most secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions for ensuring proper disposal of confidential documents in the industry. Our secured process begins with our attentive staff working with you to develop a customized document shredding program that seamlessly fits your organization, 24/7. For daily paper flow, our top-of-the-line security consoles are strategically placed throughout your facility at no charge for convenient ongoing maintenance.



What Should You Shred?


Files & Records


Important Files and Records with proprietary business information and corporate data should always be securely shredded, including:

  • Organization charts
  • Personnel files
  • Payroll & Audit records
  • Market research
  • Bank statements
  • Tax records
  • Legal Contracts
  • X-rays
  • Accounting data
  • CD's and DVD's
  • Resumes
  • Medical records
  • Litigation Records
  • Court Documents

Client Lists


Common Business Client Lists always require confidentiality and should be securely shredded, including:

  • Receipts/inventory
  • Price/inventory lists
  • Proposals and quotes
  • Canceled checks
  • Business plans
  • Photographs
  • Presentations
  • R&D files and data
  • Computer reports
  • Credit card numbers
  • New product info
  • Executive correspondence
  • Obsolete brochures
  • Obsolete stationary

Personal Info


Everybody has Personal Information that requires confidentiality and should be securely shredded, including:

  • Telephone numbers
  • Drivers license numbers
  • Passport number
  • Education materials
  • Credit card numbers
  • Bank account information
  • Home Address
  • Social security numbers
  • Insurance policy data
  • Employment information
  • Brokerage account info
  • Legal documents
  • Financial statements
  • Travel Itineraries



Cross-Cuts Security Shield

Look for the Cross-Cuts Security Shield on other commerce websites you visit. This unique "Shield" ensures that these businesses are Paper Cuts partners and are using the highest level of file security and document shredding procedures to safeguard their clients' and customers' data and information.

Only Paper Cuts offers this "Shield" icon to showcase that their partners are using the highest level of secure processes, and confirms that the company or institution has the highest level of rigorous secure standards to destroy and shred their clients' confidential documents.


Standard Shredding

Industry-Wide Standard Shred Size:

  • 3.0" x 5/8"

Paper Cut's always shreds at 3 security size levels that are much smaller than the industry standard to guarantee total destruction of materials:

  • Level 1 - Pro: 1.5" x 5/8"
  • Level 2 - Premium: 1.0" x 3/8"
  • Level 3 - Ultimate: 0.5" x 1/8"

Paper Cut's shredding Level 1 - Pro is considered secure to most business clients that need high security level shreds for destroying personal or confidential information. The Pro shred size choice offer clients to ensure piece of mind.


Superior Shredding

Using Level 2 - Premium is 2-times smaller than normal shredders and is considered extremely secure to most clients with security and government agencies requiring high security-level shreds. Because the Premium level shreds at a smaller size than industry standards, it is a popular choice for most clients.

Our Level 3 - Ultimate is 3 times smaller than regular in-house shredders -- another reason why Paper Cut's services are superior to the competition. We always deliver the most secure on-site destruction methods to our clients with our advanced technology mobile-shredding trucks.


Destruction Details

At Paper Cuts, our Certificate of Destruction document is our guarantee that all items have been completely shredded, and confirms the following detailed information:

  • Date and Time of the On-site Destruction
  • Name of Route Service Driver who picked up the documents
  • Name of Employee who witnessed the destruction and processed it for recycling

Paper Cuts is committed to safeguarding our client's security with every shred job we complete. By Law, proper destruction of confidential information requires the end-of-service procedure of providing a Certificate of Destruction to the client to prove shredding of specific documents took place at a certain date and time.