Adapting to a New Normal

Transforming to a digitally focused workplace requires time, resources and planning. To assist you in this endeavor, we will touch on some key areas to consider during this post-pandemic environment. Now is best time to rethink how your business is making its way through a new digital-based transition. That’s a tall order made even more complicated by the challenges and uncertainties left in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The key is to simultaneously rethink strategies for how and where you work.

Navigating a Digital Office

Paper Cuts can help you rethink your workplace with smart, customized, localized solutions to help you with the digitization of your business. And we can partner with you to provide you with all-in-one, integrated services for simple, secure records and information management anywhere across Southern California.

This guide will show you how we can play an essential role in helping you transform your workplace.


Reshaping Your Business


Digital Workflow is Here


The Digital Workflow is is not only here, it is the future. Let us help you embrace it. Paper Cuts can help you effectively integrate use of digital technologies like the cloud, digital collaboration, big data, mobile connectivity, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to work more efficiently. It will also save you money by enabling you to more effectively manage your files, data, shredding, and recycling. Initially, you should be aware of 3 growing trends that indicate the old “wait-and-see” approach can be a crucial misstep in the ever evolving digital world:

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Streamlining Processes


You can effectively used DIGITAL PLATFORMS to revamp workflows, and cohesively integrate operations, procedures, and restructure environments for improved workflows. The first step to beginning this transformation is to take into account both customer-centric and employee-centric operations and developing a new digitally focused process to make them better. The key to getting this right is choosing which processes to focus on first.

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Striving in a Paperless Office


The benefits of reducing paper are well established— less mess, better for the environment and lower costs. So why do business have trouble kicking the paper habit? Many people are simply more comfortable working with documents they can physically hold in their hands. However this adherence to paper documents can continue drive up costs over time.

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Digitizing Paper Records


The first question most businesses ask is “how much of our paper records should be digitized”? Some level of digitization is essential to any workplace transformation strategy, regardless of what the ultimate goals are. Whether you are streamlining workflows and processes, enabling effective collaboration for remote employees or freeing valuable office space for managing socially distant environments, digital transformation can be a vital solution. Paper Cuts can help you with variety of custom options or a integrated all-in-one hybrid solution:
(1) BackUp File Conversion
(2) Digital Image Scanning
(3) Digital File Retrieval

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Redesigning Office Space


The pandemic has forever effected the traditional physical office space. While business offices still have a future because many jobs must be performed in an office-like location for a variety of reasons, they will continue to help workers feel like they’re part of something bigger. But there is no question that a discussion of office design will start with pre-pandemic
versus post-pandemic.

What will change? How many employees want to work in the office, fully remote or in a hybrid environment? How can the physical office support flexibility? What will be the fate of the executive suite? The storeroom? The employee lounge? The community kitchen? These are all important questions in rethinking a physical office environment.

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Sustainability & Compliance


Compliance issues can often change due to environmental circumstances and effect people across your entire organization. That is why it can be beneficial to work with an experienced third-party records management firm such as Paper Cuts. How you use and manage information has a decisive impact not only on the success of your operations but also the protection of individual privacy, how quickly you can recover after a disaster, and your overall impact on the environment.

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Embracing a Remote Workplace


During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working became a vital necessity to keep businesses functioning. While remote working involves both positives and negatives, it’s clear remote working is here to stay in some form. Businesses must assess the benefits that employees are balancing with less commuting times and more flexibility versus the loss of face-to-face interaction and daily camaraderie with colleagues. Key issues to consider ongoing are:
—-Assess Benefits and Challenges
—-Identify Official Policies
—-Integrated Security Protocols
—-Enhance Encryption Standards
—-Protect Original Documents
—-Provide Data Access Options

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