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Best Document Shredding Services Near Me

Over the last 15 years Paper Cut's has refined the one of most secure, convenient, cost-effective and environmentally conscious solutions for ensuring the proper disposal of confidential documents. The Paper Cut's process begins with our attentive staff working with you to develop a tailored document shredding program that seamlessly fits your organization with a set document, file and/or eWaste pick-up and drop-off schedule. For daily paper flow, our top-of-the-line security consoles are strategically placed throughout your facility at no charge for convenient ongoing maintenance. Our certified drivers use secured transport trucks to conveniently transfer your documents and other materials to our secured state-of-the-art facility. Using Paper Cuts will help reduce the risk of fraud, security breaches, and identity theft for all your sensitive data and confidential documents.


Mobile On-Site Shredding Options

Mobile shredding is the most secure and effective method for protecting our client’s confidential and private information. Paper Cut's mobile trucks equipped with advanced shredding technology are a key component of our document destruction business. These trucks are essential in differentiating our business from small in-house office shredders and large off-site shredding operations. Our trucks utilize a large industrial paper shredder built directly into the back of the shredding truck. We can drive our trucks to any clients’ location in Southern California in order to shred their sensitive documents right at their place of business. This is where the term “on-site” shredding comes from, and Paper Cuts is an industry leader in On-Site Shredding.




Secure File Storage & Records Management

With our proven track record of trust and reliability, Paper Cuts offers file storage, records management, and secured document shredding services ranked highest in customer satisfaction across Southern California. By focusing on exceptional customer service and the highest level of integrity, confidentiality and security, we focus on exceeding your needs through customizing specific document and file management solutions that work for your business. With 24/7 around-the-clock access to your protected files, Paper Cuts always provides you with easy retrieval of your records. You can also store hard-copy records and have the files scanned and sent to electronically as needed. Need files picked up in an emergency, or delivered Next Day, or Same Day? No problem.


Digitizing Files With Scanning & Imaging

For businesses that need access to large volumes of confidential documents but don’t want to use up expensive office space, digital file conversion and electronic storage may provide the most effective and efficient solution. Paper Cuts can scan and store your documents on our secure, off-site servers. You access your documents from your desk top over the internet in real time. This will help protect your confidential documents from theft, unauthorized access, and loss in the event of fire or natural disaster. With Paper Cuts, you'll have quick and easy access 24/7 to all your stored documents after they have been converted to digital format. Electronic documents can be retrieved more quickly and easily than paper documents. All you need is access to a computer and the internet!




eWaste Management and Recycling

Paper Cuts offers comprehensive electronic waste (eWaste) disposal services for any sized business, or individual. We can schedule one-time a pick-up for eWaste that is convenient for your schedule. Electronic components, and digital products that have become outdated, broken or to expensive to repair are all considered potential electronic waste or eWaste. Paper Cuts will accept all your old computer-related items for eWaste destruction or recycling, including DVD's, Micro-cassette, Magnetic Types, Monitors, Printers, CD Rom's, Floppies, Hard Drives, Keyboards, Mainframes, and Memory Chips. With our wide variety of service options, we can take care of one-time jobs, or set-up ongoing disposal schedules to fit your specific needs.


Hard-Drive and Product Destruction

Paper Cuts Off-Site product destruction services and mobile hard drive shredding services can ensure that your unwanted items are properly destroyed before being discarded. Our certified and bonded destruction professionals will come to your business to pick up your end-of-life hard drives or outdated products that need to be destroyed. Our Certified Professionals will properly destroy, and dispose of your excess electronic hard drives, data drives, data discs, cell phones and other types of data storage devices safely and securely. If you require that your hard drives remain in your custody until they are destroyed, Paper Cuts also offers mobile hard drive shredding. We can travel to your office or residence and destroy them while you watch.



Special Pricing on Drop-Off Items

DROP-OFF Your Items and WATCH the Shredding
Witness up to 5 boxes of your items get shredded: Only $60
Witnessing Drop Off Hours: 8 AM to 3:30 PM

DROP-OFF Your Items for Future Batch Shredding
Let us shred up to 5 boxes of your items: Only $50
Simple Drop Off Hours: 8 AM to 4:30 PM

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Outdated hard drives? Old electronic components?
Try our convenient HARD DRiVE DESTRUCTiON program!

We pick up unwanted old drives or ewaste from you, securely handling all removal and destruction!
CALL US NOW! We make it easy!



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Paper & Document SHREDDING

Paper and Document Shredding


Document Filing & Records STORAGE

Filing and Records Storage


Digital Imaging & SCANNING

Digital Imaging and Scanning

SCaN It!

eWaste Disposal & RECYCLING



Hard Drive & Media DESTRUCTION

Hard Drive  Destruction


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Document Shredding


Our DRoP N' SHReD program provides you convenient access to any authorized UPS Mail Office. As Paper Cut's premiere DRoP N' SHReD partner, you can drop off your shreddable items at a participating UPS Mail store to ship to us to shred.

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Scan and Document Shredding


Paper Cuts has revolutionized the scanning industry with our convenient, all-inclusive SCaN N' SHReD service. We can scan and archive your all your documents as digital records, either as a one-time service request or an ongoing service.

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Ship and Document Shredding


For your convenience, we also offer our SHReD @ My HoME program that lets you shred your paper documents at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office. It's simple, secure and safe. Call us now to start shredding at home today!

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